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More Than a Lifetime

by The Livid

Lifetime 02:55
Watch his mask uncover Watch him tremble like he'll never be To himself he's repeating Head between his knees "I'm tired of waiting on A world that fails to see A world that's bound to bury me" There's a poor soul Waiting a lifetime Grown old, collapsing at the knees And he's angry just like me Though he knows he's right at the top His heart's destroyed, hit bottom rock You'll see, some things are never meant to be Watch them fight each other They're on a path that's built for speed As the end draws closer What will be achieved? They hate each other now Their patience wearing thin 'Cause they're so sick of giving in This world's about to bury me Eyes to the sky I'm on my knees The end draws closer My head still caving Some things take more than a lifetime Is this my time?
Tin Man 02:45
Well he's said He's got a different motive But I can see him caving in Though he seems so supportive Nothing but ice beneath his skin She stays Holds on tight; won't let go He plays But it hurts her and it shows She'll come back crawling When she's been forgotten She won't mean anything She's upset He's just the same old story She sees right through his every sin Her plea: "please don't ignore me" It's just a game she'll never win He said it's all in The way you do it But it's all in The things you do She keeps waiting Make-up running down her face He's still saying She won't mean anything She keeps holding On to every memory Without knowing She'll never mean anything
Just Like Me 02:49
There's no regrets in here These days are shorter than I thought they'd ever feel That fight is so unreal You play, you push until you have to take a heel That life is hard to steal Like a spinning wheel That same old fear So you Still give up When you think you've had enough You build it up Then lose it all to see the love You'll change your mark Go right back to the start Now just like me You'll lose it all to see the love This threat will steer You in directions that will make you disappear This road is so unclear Can't help but notice when you look into the mirror They'll find it hard to cheer If they never hear Completely clear But you This threat's come crawling back and growing stronger in me Your eyes say you need me And I'm the one to chase away the fears And if I can't, will you pick me up and come back again? You're just like me
One by One 04:57
Emotionless He turned into a robot built for violence Inside his chest Is nothing but a hole that's dark with emptiness He tries his best Concealing all his anger and his loneliness Deep regrets He travels on an endless path of bitterness One by one They fall to the ground And they scream without making a sound Drop, sink, eventually drown 'Cause the lost only hope to be found They'll waste away 'Cause they don't have a reason to stay Small price to pay For choosing to live day to day It hurts much less When everybody else's life is such a mess But he'll confess That being on the bottom is the real test He tries to guess While missing every chance to rise above the rest He lays to rest While giving up the only thing he wished he'd kept He found what he didn't mean to: the anger inside Will he rise up and walk away? Will he find a place in his chest where emotions can rest so he feels alive again? He grips the rail and he feels lonely Can he be saved? His eyes beg "please?" Just so sick and tired of being Just wants to live his life, not change the world


[Bandcamp requires a particular minimum size of cover art image. We made one to appease it, but that involved upscaling of certain assets and as such the included image mtl_2016.png is the real "best" cover art for this release.]


released September 22, 2009


all rights reserved



The Livid Mississauga, Ontario

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