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2006 EP

by The Livid

Under This 03:06
Wake me – I'm lost in this dream Tell me, has this all been a nightmare? Listen Soaking in sweat much faster than I've ever been I have been holding a grudge all along Hold me, let me know Save me from what I've become I can say I've grown up But I secretly keep falling apart And I'm heartless no doubt But your heartlessness is wearing me out Now I've figured you out No need to explain yourself one more time You're just like me and it's tripping me out Maybe it's wrong to believe That it's just the way you've learned to cope You've pulled me too close – this time you've got me by the throat Let go Tripping me out Wearing me out
My Curse 03:08
Cover up what has become my curse Building up to eternal at first Everlasting hours of insurgent cower Voices growing louder Painting every white intention red Was I ever meant to be clean And emotionally sober Once again I'll cover up Feed you with this silver cup Make it up Over and over And I'll wait it out Till you see what I'm about With or without It's over, it's over again Unlike some I remain in silence I'm corrupt with internal violence Now this heart's so worthless Leaves me torn and mindless While the fucked up signs Always pointed me the other way I was surely meant to be mean Surely so Has this become the story of my life? Discarding what could have been so right Has this become my never ending fight? Discarding what could have been so right
I lie I wear this crooked smile While still masking this heart so vile Will the empty fill up soon? Will I take this with me to my tomb? There is not a thing more that I dread Than my blood that has never turned red Like I never meant a word I said Now I'm lost in my sick, twisted head Regretting regrets I'll regret again I will run on as one I will duck down for cover without a gun I'll survive this attack Or just beg for you to take me back Now I have now conquered this faltering pain But internal incisions remain All my motives are cold as rain Like the ice that still runs through my veins As for every single tear that you shed Well I guess you won't care when I'm dead I remember the words I said That don't matter 'cause nothing is left I'll never regret it again
Sick Cycle 03:27
Now I'm on my last breath Doesn't make it easier to start over When there's nothing left here but regret I'm still going through the motions in my head Let's pretend you're dead Everyone looks relieved Does anyone feel like me? Everyone gets deceived Endless sick cycle Everyone gets to breathe Happiness make believe It's like pulling teeth Endlessly Takes time to make go away Push it back and let it decay Hearts never seem to escape disarray Lies are what scream in my head Trying to pretend that you're dead Words that were best left unsaid were still said Now I'm on my first death Doesn't make it easier to trust myself Knowing everything I said was meant for you Inconsistent with repent Let's pretend you're dead Everyone's disbelief Everyone looks at me Have I failed to see Hindsight's killing me Everyone gets to breathe Happiness make believe It's like pulling teeth Hopelessly


released April 26, 2006


all rights reserved



The Livid Mississauga, Ontario

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