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King of the Castle

by The Livid

Try to find me, unconscious eyes within Breaking the spell, pulling through again All is lost, none is left, we're all animal Commenting down, looking up again Sky blue wall, pulling through within None is lost, all is left As you drop, you'll be coming to see who's staying now Trusting without believing sounds strange Lies live, never washed away This illusion's killing me Clear my head of all I see Where I am, I'm lost in my own world I've come prepared... am I really? Head in hands, talk to me Falling, feed me my remedy Second stage, pull me down and win No sleep now, out to defend the land Change it out, the words you see Will seem so frustrating Let live all that's meant to be Break the spell, curse the land and lead Black and white oppose the light Face the facts and see that's not happening You used to graze the top But as you drop you'll be saying now: "He did it all for the silence... did it all for the daze... Did it all for the silence... "Something living, breathing, telling me things Something livid, breathing, acting my thoughts My mind is lost with no direction... My mind is lost with no direction, I'm gone..."
Denial 04:22
Scared and hurt he looks around No one moves or makes a sound Wipes his tears away and runs so far to hide away One fine day he sits there On a hilltop in open air Looking for something he can't find anywhere From the outside he looks fine... When you look deep down inside You can see the anger flaming up inside his head Scared and hurt he looked around Looking up at us he frowned Fought his tears away and ran so far to hide away Slipped away he gets home late Father's waiting for him at the gate Takes a look at him, turns stone cold with no emotion There he is, just waiting there Nervously playing with his hair They just want to help him cry it out Speak aloud Inside his head Stone cold with no emotion
Living in a hole; it's hard to get for what you asked The hardest part of having a good day is making it last It seems that everywhere I turn I'm still a step behind I'm going nowhere slow and I think I'm losing my mind Growing older every day is not a simple task It's even harder when your happiness is your most worn mask Striving harder to evolve and keep up with the rest The apathetic push you down and make you second best I look to you to get me up again The hardest part is admitting that I need a second hand If only I was meant to work with my ears and hands What's coming down would be beneath me It isn't easy living up to everyone you see But being human we're so stupid we won't let it be The pressure rises as we struggle here on our own To the point when you're only happy when you're all alone
Step Up 05:21
Elevate 05:04
When it's all you sold to me What it was and what I used to be On the days when it rained So ashamed at how we'd be TV watching's got me switching stations And chasing dreams To evolve we must elevate Read... now tell me So who would want to live for ever So who would want to live for days Space and entity collide To move on we must first understand What we do and why we do it What it was all you sold to me What it was and what I used to see On the days when it rained So ashamed at how we'd be TV watching's got me switching stations And chasing dreams I will never be See all that's been happening Read all that's been reasoning
Emanon 07:01
Reason is over now Credence has been lost Frozen, my time is now Broken is my soul Even though, I can't seem to stay away So much more has to be seen and will go my way You've taken all I wanted You've taken all I needed Drown my fear and anxiety Never hear what you say to me Bleeding my wound won't close Ending and yet so close Tears left dripping at all costs Fists clenched tight, ready for war When we fight we must prevail All hail – all hail to me
Live to imitate and fake to break The door that lies between both genres Saying it's all the same... Somebody better stop me before I delete you Before the bullet accidentally meets you You think you control all you see Strangle hold around me Prove you wrong, yes you'll see Stretch it, kapow I'll shoot you down, I will now I'll shoot you down... Counting down from seven – a shotgun heaven Lyrically inclined and set out to blow your mind I love the way you imitate The way you hide your face The way you think you have it all But really it ain't the case I see you from the inside Through the mask you wear – all you wanna hide All I see through what I learn Live by what I earn All I see through what I learn The colours that we burn All I see through what I learn Coming round, freaking out Till you finally get it all complete Till all you speak is bullshit to the weak
Sixteenth 03:24
When you left, my heart came along Nothing mattered I couldn't stay strong You were a part of me for so long What you left behind were memories, memories And I never got to say goodbye You'll always be a part of me I still miss you to this day I always took it all for granted Never thought it would end this way As I look back, I clearly remember that day Every day I wish you hadn't gone away My heart is empty without you I still miss you to this day When the lights dim for me, you'll be there too What was meant for you was meant for me too All this loneliness I hold up inside Will be memories, memories
Severed 04:35
Disarray, tearing me, what's left to say? See me break into misery, nowhere left to stay Can I say, you don't care for me – it's even anyway Self enraged, you're blaming me. You'll blame yourself one day You're enraged, keep it in its cage I don't wanna hear this I don't need to see this Self enraged, I'm your source of blame I don't wanna hear this I don't need to see this Generate, all your in hate me – it's your only way Can you hate for your jealousy – can you get away? Is it safe? You threaten me – put your rage away Look away; don't talk to me, just keep away This feeling of pain An act of reign Wont leave my mind Wont keep me broken Showered in shame Who should I blame For the dreams they've shattered For the lives they've stolen My body's thin Telling me don't give in This one will do you best This one will keep you rolling Seems I can't win Where should I begin? I can search for something To wash away my sin Leave it all behind I walked away Never cried my eyes out I severed and I simply chose to stray I closed my eyes And to bar these lies out I hid in a hole and buried them away
In Your Face 03:27
As I demonstrate what I can do Kicking it out on stage, you know I do it all for you Metaphors: I'm out here holding this microphone Spitting out the lyrics – you know, whenever I feel alone What can I do when I think of my head As a box filled with thoughts and emotions better left unsaid? And you know, when it's old and dead I'll be crowned the new champion, and you, bathed in red Because of me and my ways You've left me so long, friend 'Cause of me and all I say You've left me till the end Should I call up again, or hang up in your face? Apologize for what I did? Will you blame me? Just don't blame me Well, you blame me the same Full of holes: you say I'll never let you stay You crawl away, coming back, begging for sympathy Better beware: I'll be coming back with a vengeance Stepping on hands till they remember it Nobody knows how to rock a harmony Bring out a melody, kick up the beat, you see Like I, bringing it down, breaking it down Breaking the walls and beating everyone around
If only I hadn't kept it inside If only you'd hear me plead If only I could bring myself to tell If only I could understand my side But now, it all washed away What you felt no longer an emotion When we had been left behind If only we'd speak out mind When you move too slow it comes back to haunt you To haunt you, takes over all you see in your eyes And when you look back it seems so faded So faded awake will I have lost my pride


[Exact release date unknown; some time in 2000, probably fall. (Bandcamp requires month and day.) There was a 1999 release with fewer tracks; not many copies of that existed.]

[The highest-quality artwork we can find is the pathetic 250 pixel square image included as kotc.jpg. The main version used is upscaled from that, since Bandcamp requires at least 1400 pixels square.]


released January 1, 2000


all rights reserved



The Livid Mississauga, Ontario

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